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The best time of the .year to buy bitcoin is the second half of September

When is the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin?

A prominent cryptocurrency market analyst by the name of CryptoBirb has expressed their viewpoint on Bitcoin.

According to him, historical data indicates that the optimal yearly moment to buy bitcoin falls at the conclusion of September.

Statistically, October and November generate the biggest returns, especially as they come after a bear market.

Numerous investors voiced their concerns over Bitcoin’s (BTC) lackluster performance in September. A significant portion had already departed the market before the summer hiatus, adhering to the adage: “Sell in May and go away.” Nonetheless, it seems that the present moment might be the ideal opportunity to reorient attention towards the broader crypto and BTC market.

A renowned expert in the cryptocurrency market, CryptoBirb, recently released a brief examination on platform X, delving into the historical performance of BTC throughout the calendar year. CryptoBirb’s analysis points to September, traditionally regarded as the least robust month, emerging as the most promising period for potential market gains. Following closely behind are the two months with the strongest statistical track record for profitability: October and November.

Adrian Zduńczyk talks about the.best time to buy bitcoin.
Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT

September is a BTC Buying Opportunity

CryptoBirb AKAAdrian Zduńczyk, CMT

As September draws its final breaths, consider it the bargain aisle for Bitcoin enthusiasts if you plan to buy bitcoin! History, the ultimate market historian, tells us that September is the misfit in the annual calendar – the lone wolf in the world of Bitcoin profitability. Now, as CryptoBirb would quip:

“The second half of September is an insanely good opportunity to buy Bitcoin.”

CryptoBirb AKAAdrian Zduńczyk, CMT

Simultaneously, the analyst humbly concedes that this thesis won’t summon the ultimate “buy the dip” moment of the week. It’s a calculated hunch, rooted in statistical wizardry, but it’s no crystal ball into Bitcoin’s future performance.

Yet, history has a peculiar penchant for rhythm, especially in the cyclic dance of the Bitcoin market. Thus, as we spin through the record books, let’s talk numbers: October and November. CryptoBirb doesn’t blink when declaring this dynamic duo as the MVPs for seizing those long positions on BTC. 🚀

Fourth Quarter of the Year: Biggest Returns for Bitcoin

To back CryptoBirb’s intriguing hypothesis, we can turn to the numbers brought forth by the data maestros at Coinglass. They’ve got an arsenal of stats covering every beat in the BTC market, from daily drumrolls to quarterly symphonies.

Now, let’s dive into the rhythm of the crypto world. Imagine each year as a groovy album: the fourth quarter (October-December) consistently drops the most profitable tracks, while the third quarter (July-September) tends to serve up the sleepy ballads. Zoom in on just this span, and it becomes clear – we’re talking about the ultimate BTC shopping spree. And guess what? We’re right in the midst of it, folks – the last few weeks of September are like the encore of a blockbuster concert if you are planning to buy bitcoin. 🎸💰

Bitcoin Quarterly Returns (%)

Best time to buy bitcoin? Check these quarterly returns.
Bitcoin quarterly returns / Source: Coinglass

Now, let’s jazz things up a bit and take a stroll through the monthly returns in the Bitcoin trading arena. As per CryptoBirb’s keen observations, September emerges as the annual “seeing red” month. It’s like that one friend who insists on wearing neon to a black-tie event.

However, in the grand chronicle of Bitcoin’s history, there were just two years – the crypto equivalent of style icons – 2015 and 2016, when September decided to tone down its drama and churned out modest profits: a mere 2.35% and a still-respectable 6.04%, respectively. It’s almost as if September was channeling its inner Wall Street for those brief moments. 📈💡

In contrast, the next two months are completely different. October has closed in the red only twice so far – in 2014 (-12.95%) and 2018 (-3.83%). November, on the other hand, has been in the red 4 times – in 2018 (-36.57%), 2019 (-17.27%), 2021 (-7.11%) and 2022 (-16.23%).

However, even though November more often generated losses, that month’s profits were historically the largest. Therefore, the penultimate month of the year is statistically the most profitable. However, more conservative investors may pay more attention to October, which produced smaller but more stable profits and rarely minimal losses.

Bitcoin Monthly Returns (%)​

Bitcoin monthly returns / Source: Coinglass

Past Performance vs. Future Results

Perusing the data constellation above, it’s safe to say that CryptoBirb’s insights are right on the money. Those waning days of September might just be the golden ticket for snagging some Bitcoin, especially if you’ve been patiently waiting for the long-term bear to exit the scene, which it did with the grand finale of 2022.

But here’s the age-old reminder: “Past performance is not indicative of future results.” Historical data is our trusty compass, shedding light on market patterns, but it’s just one star in the galaxy of financial complexity – not the North Star, mind you. In this intricate cosmos, we’ve got a constellation of factors to consider, and historical data is but one twinkling luminary.

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