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Who owns the most Bitcoin?

Who owns the most Bitcoin? If you ask this question to any crypto trader, they will tell you it doesn’t matter. It is all based on supply and demand, meaning that it doesn’t impact the price one way or another if a single person owns more of a coin than someone else.

However, Bitcoin whales are very important for the crypto community.

As of the latest data, there are 114 million crypto holders around the world. Out of them, the top 10k richest Bitcoin holders collectively hold about 5 million Bitcoins. This means that 0.01% of all Bitcoin Holders control 27% of the BTC circulation. (Source: WSJ)

But, who are these people?

Crypto exchanges: The richest Cold Storage Wallet Owners

#1 Binance

Binance owns the largest cold storage wallet address, which as of 2022, holds more than 252,597.22678490 BTC or over 9 Billion dollars and 1.33% of all coins. The first exchange happened on 2018–10–18 at 15:59:18.

#2 Bitfinex

Next up on the list is Bitfinex with 168,010 BTC — over 6 Billion dollars.

#3 Anonymous

Bitcoin’s third-largest non-exchange whale address is 100% anonymous and holds about 127,112 BTC (over 4 Billion dollars).

How much Bitcoin does Satoshi Nakamoto own?

Of course, Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to be one of the richest BTC owners in the world. However, he is not even in the top 100 list.

As of 2022, the current value of this address is over 68.542667 BTC, which equals more than 2 million dollars (at the time of writing this). Nobody knows who the real Satoshi is, so this can be a man, woman, or a group of individuals. However, the address stores information about the very first block mined.

In the corporate world: Which company owns the most Bitcoin?

Besides exchange platforms, MicroStrategy is considered to be the corporation owning the most Bitcoin in the world — over 121,044 BTC. The company develops enterprise software solutions for businesses working with big data and also helps them in adding Bitcoin into the process.

The Government with the most Bitcoin in the world


It is believed that the Bulgarian Government holds the second-largest amount of Bitcoins in the world — around 213.000 Bitcoins (over 804 million US dollars). This is more than the country’s Gold Reserve and can almost cover the country’s GDP.

Top 5 Countries with the most Bitcoin Holders

Let’s think globally! When it comes to Bitcoin, there’s another ranking that needs some special attention. According to the latest data, the top 5 countries with the most cryptocurrency holders are the following:

  • 100 million crypto holders
  • 7.30% of the population

  • 27 million crypto holders
  • 8.31% of the population

  • 17 million crypto holders
  • 11.91% of the population

  • 13 million crypto holders
  • 6.31% of the population

  • 10 million crypto holders
  • 4.80% of the population

Famous people owning Bitcoin

Do you know who the most famous Bitcoin owners are?

Let’s start with the most obvious — Elon Musk.

Elon Musk — the Crypto Meme King

It’s no secret that Musk’s tweets and memes have a pretty big influence on the market and can even cause volatility. But how much BTC does Elon own?

Even though his public address can’t be found online, it is believed that Tesla holds 42,902 bitcoins, worth around $2.8 billion. According to Bitcoin treasuries and an annual report of the securities exchange, the company is the second-biggest corporate crypto holder.

Shark Tank’s Favorite, Mark Cuban

The famous Shark Tank investor has publicly shared that he, personally, owns Bitcoin and a little bit of Dogecoin. On a podcast, Cuban shared that his crypto portfolio consists of “60% bitcoin, 30% Ethereum, and 10% the rest.” The businessman believes that Bitcoin is “a better alternative to gold” and that’s the reason why he never sold it. However, we’re unaware of the exact amount of BTC.

50 Cent becoming a bitcoin billionaire… And totally forgetting about it

Are you aware of this amazing story?

In 2014, 50 Cent decided to accept Bitcoin payments for his album “Animal Ambition”. However, he completely forgot about it, until recently. According to Coindesk, these crypto sales made the rapper around 8 million dollars in BTC. What a lucky man!

Can you spot the Bitcoin billionaire?

Even though Bitcoin holders remain anonymous, a lot of researchers try to figure out the demographics of a typical holder.

According to the latest data, 79% of the holders are male, while 21% are female. Most of them are under the age of 34 (58%) with a Bachelor’s degree (82%) and an annual income over US$100k (36%). (Source: Cryptocurrency across the world by Triple).

Do you believe that this profile fits the world’s richest Bitcoin billionaires?

Is it possible that you’re already have a friend that’s a crypto billionaire without even knowing?

We would definitely try our best to spot them in the wild, so pay close attention next time that you’re at a Bitstop ATM. 😉

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