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Law enforcement impersonator

Fake calls from US Homeland Security or US Marshals asking you to use a Bitstop ATM.

“Your SSN and information have been used to open accounts in unknown banks and now you’re involved with money laundering operations. We need you to withdraw all your money and deposit it in a Bitstop ATM.”

Bill or tax collector 

Fake IRS or utility calls requesting payment through a Bitstop ATM. These companies will NEVER do this.

“You have a pending bill that needs to be paid immediately or we’ll have to disconnect your services. Go to a nearby Bitstop ATM and make a payment. It’s fast and secure.”

Fake hack scam 

A caller claiming that your bank account was hacked and asking you to withdraw all funds and deposit into a Bitcoin ATM.

“Your account has been hacked. We need you to withdraw all funds from your account and deposit them into a Bitstop ATM. This will secure your funds until we resolve the issue.”

Store owner scam 

A caller pretending to be the store owner requesting for them to take funds out of the cashier and place funds into the Bitstop ATM.

“Hi, it’s John, the store owner. I’m out of town and I need you to do me a favor. Can you take cash from the register or safe and put it into the Bitstop ATM? Our bank has technical issues. I’ll take responsibility and pay you back soon. It’s urgent.”

FedEx package scam 

Fake courier delivery service calls, requesting payment through a Bitstop ATM to release a detained package.

“Hi, this is John from FedEx. Your package is detained and needs a small fee to release it. Please go to a Bitstop ATM nearby to pay the fee of $50. It’s a secure and straightforward process, and we’ll guide you through it.”

The promise of a great deal 

Someone trying to sell you something for a price too good to be true.

“I’ve got a great deal on these sold-out concert tickets, hurry to this ATM and send me Bitcoin before I sell them to someone else”

Bank imposter 

Someone impersonating an employee of your bank.

“Your funds are at risk! Withdraw from your closest bank branch and deposit them at this Bitcoin ATM to secure your funds from being hacked.

Contest winning scam 

A scammer calling you to let you know you’ve won a Bitcoin prize. But in order to claim the prize you must send them money from a Bitstop ATM to release it.

“You won 5 bitcoins. In order to claim your prize please deposit money into the Bitstop ATM and we will release the prize money”