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Bitstop takes care of all the in’s and out’s with knowledge, training, and support. Low overhead. No employees necessary.

Immediate Income

Start generating revenue as soon as you install your first Bitstop.

Start-Up Cost

Own your success for as little as $25,000.

Trusted Brand

Bitstop is a trusted brand in global bitcoin services with over 50,000+ customers world wide.

Know the Numbers

Starting at



Annual Revenue Potential
$20k -$400k


Annual Profit Potential
$10k -$200k

Starting at



Annual Revenue Potential
$50k -$800k


Annual Profit Potential
$25k -$400k

Bitstop Operator Perks

Hardware & Software

Our hardware is designed to be robust and secure. All Bitstop's are made in the USA by the largest kiosk manufacturer in North America. Bitstop has helped pioneer the Bitcoin ATM industry since 2013. We’ve used our experience in this industry and deep knowledge of Bitcoin to build a software platform that makes it easy to own and operate your own Bitcoin ATM.

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