Shell Hacks 2023

Bitstop at Shell Hacks: A Weekend of Innovation, Learning, and Fun!

Over the weekend, Bitstop had the fantastic opportunity to take part in Shell Hacks, Florida’s largest hackathon hosted at the vibrant Biscayne Bay Campus of Florida International University. This thrilling event brought together over 1,000 students, not just from Florida but from across the globe, all with one goal in mind – to innovate, learn, and network!

Here’s a glimpse of the electrifying atmosphere at Shell Hacks:

Building the Future:

Students came together to create innovative projects that pushed the boundaries of technology. From coding challenges to problem-solving, the spirit of creation was palpable.

Networking with the Best:

Shell Hacks provided a unique platform to network with top companies, opening doors to future career opportunities. Meeting recruiters and industry leaders was an invaluable experience.

Learning the Latest Tech:

In the ever-evolving tech world, learning is a constant journey. At Shell Hacks, attendees had the chance to stay ahead by immersing themselves in the latest technologies and trends.

Developing New Skills:

Technical workshops offered a hands-on learning experience, allowing participants to gain new skills that can be applied in real-world scenarios.

Innovation at Its Best:

The energy and turnout at Shell Hacks were nothing short of amazing! The Bitstop team had a blast participating in this exciting event.

Meet the Winners:

Let’s celebrate the outstanding achievements of some of the participants:

🥇 Bit Learn:

The 1st place winners developed a remarkable Chrome browser extension. It not only rewards people for learning about Bitcoin through quizzes but also scrapes prices from websites like, displaying Bitcoin values alongside fiat currencies.

🥈 Trustwave:

Second place went to Trustwave, a team that created a web3 version of a “GoFundMe” platform, demonstrating the power of blockchain technology.

🥉 Spotify Web3 Dapp:

The third-place winner was a one-man team that crafted a web3 platform for publishing Spotify playlists online, with payments in Ethereum.

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